ExactlyWhatYouNeed.org started as a simple idea: “A gathering place for experts, gurus, and regular every-day people to come together, discuss, and solve their problems.”

The problems can range from broken relationships, not knowing how to properly trim your dog’s toenails, or even the precautions to take before investing.

Nothing is off-limits.

Experts can vary between people who have made it through that problem, and fixed, or even someone who does it professionally.

While it may not be much right now, my dream is to, one day, make this gathering place home for all my fellow problem-solvers out there.

Until that day comes, here’s what I will be focusing on:

  • Building community
  • Finding experts
  • Gathering the peoples

About Me

My name’s Matthew. *insert typical response of “Oh, your name’s in the bible!”*

Yes, my name is in the bible. *rolls eyes*

I’m a hard-working guy from a little ol’ town by the name of Bainbridge, Georgia! (Did you cringe at the implied, thick southern accent? I did.)
I’m a firm believer in dry humor, and an advocate for free thinking.

But in all seriousness: I enjoy solving problems, learning everything I possibly can about the world around me, and bringing people together. This made the idea of ExactlyWhatYouNeed.org perfect for me. I want to change the world (don’t we all, kid?), and this is my proof of action that I’m working towards that goal. In the sea of endless competitors, I’ll be the one that doesn’t stop swimming. (Please quote me on that..I was trying to sound cool)

If you have an idea, problem, something cool you’d like to share with me; you can reach me with the info below:

Email: exactlyceo@exactlywhatyouneed.org (preferred)
Twitter: @MrMatthewTome

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